Wonderful Wawathanna In Sri Lanka 2022

Wonderful Wawathanna In Sri Lanka

        Today we are going to tell you about another beautiful tourist attraction near central Kandy city. That is about the beautiful plantation tourism attraction located in the Wood Side Estate belonging to the State Plantation Corporation of Sri Lanka. Let’s start this journey. We left Kandy early in the morning and did not forget to stop at another beautiful place when we came near Kandy. That is the old Bridge of Galmal Oya, where the old Mahiangana road had fallen.

Today it is a very charming sight. Therefore, we did not forget to record several photos in our camera lenses. After stopping, we passed the middle of Kandy and entered the Rajagala road which is directly near the two bends. The road was carpeted, so I felt a little happy, but that happiness was only for a short time. Because when we stopped by a group of young people who were on the way to ask for the way, they said that if they go a little further, it will be the cart road. Actually, as they said, the road ended after a short distance, from there it is the estate road again, so I don’t need to say much about the estate roads, but a slightly taller vehicle can travel on this road without any problem.

We also slowly moved up along the plantation road, the turpentine trees were planted neatly on both sides of the road, which added a strange beauty. In any case, there is no need to say more about the beauty that is created when you walk up along an estate. While driving, I looked to the right without even considering the risk. In fact, if you add the Helmalu paddy fields of Bobure and the Victoria Falls spread along the bend of the Mahaweli River, it is a charming sight. It must have taken us about two hours to reach the 5 km near the gate of the plantation from central Kandy. You can imagine the beauty of the environment, right? Because it happened because of Yayas taking pictures of beautiful places.

We stopped the vehicle near the gate because the road was closed by putting a gate near the top of the mountain. An estate worker came to us and asked us how many peoples there are. There are five of us. Then one sir has to buy five tickets for 100 rupees. We also bought tickets according to the plantation law and entered the plantation. From near the gate, the road is in the middle of a big forest. After a journey of about 300 meters, we suddenly reached a large plain and open area at the top of the mountain.

We really couldn’t believe this sight at once. That means we could not even imagine that there would be such a big lake in such a place. On one side is the big lake and on the other side is the great cliff that can be seen to the distant Pidurutalagala mountain range, the great plains in the middle of both. We were overwhelmed by the natural beauty so much that I couldn’t even imagine how to take photos here.

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This state was started by white people around 1850. After that, around 1930, the white Swiss called Browns took over and controlled this garden. Spread over 717 hectares, this estate consists of five divisions namely Rajagala, Dehigolla, Miriyagolla, Agurugama and Vevethenna. An estate bungalow was built when this plantation was started, but only after the white man named Browns bought the estate, a plantation bungalow was built in this part of the plantation. By doing that, he was not stop, he has built a big lake on the right side of the bungalow to get electricity for that plantation bungalow. You can still see the remains of the power plant. At that time, there were 15 rooms in the plantation bungalow built by Bounce. Mr. Bounce died in 1958. After that, it was Mrs. Bowens who managed the estate, but somehow she also died in 1966.

They have no children. After that, it is said that a group of relatives of Browns took control. Anyway, around 1978, this estate was handed over to the government. The estate was good even when it was bought. Anyway, the decline of this estate began after the estate bungalow was burnt down in 88/89. Because the estate has gradually declined since the estate administrator who was in charge of the estate had no place to stay. Anyway, from 2003 to 2017, this estate has been controlled by the private sector. That is why the estate has been lost forever.

As of today, we do not get to see tea leaves in this estate. Because all of them have gone under the forest. The places where there was tea then have turned into padan land. Even though the estateis in this condition, there is no lack of beauty. But if it is like this today, how must it have been when Mr. Browns kept this estate? Back in 2017, Chandika Ahelamalpe estate superintendent has been appointed as estate superintendent. It was only after coming to this plantation that we realized that you are making a great effort to rebuild this estate. He starts to rebuild the estate from the estate where Mr. Brown’s dream palace was located, the estate bungalow. Today, several summer cottages have been built for the convenience of tourists. In addition, separate areas for campfires and sanitary facilities have been constructed.

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The lake, which was uncontrolled then, has now been brought under control, so there is no shortage of water in the lake. Therefore, the beauty has increased more and more. Chatu Adhikari Mr. Chandika Ahelamalpe is making great efforts to make this plantation an even more beautiful tourist paradise for tourists in the future. But no matter what is done, there are people to sabotage it. So there is no shortage of names from them for this work as well.

So, if you come to stay here, you too can wander in this beautiful paradise. If so, you can even make a dish to light the night. An amount of Rs.100/= is charged from one person who enters the plantation which is open from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm. Also, if you spend a night as a camper, a group of eight will be charged Rs.1500/=.

At the same time, we could not tell that there is a large cave about 200 meters below the plantation where there are about two hundred people at a time. It is really a beautiful place and a place worth seeing. So even if you come to this place one day, there are plenty of places to visit all day. So we invite you to go one day and have this wonderful experience. If so, you can get more details by calling 0815102288 at Wood Side State Estate.

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