Travel to Barbados

Travel to Barbados

Hi everyone..

We occurred to face for hurricane season. So, in that time period, there was a climate with heaviest rainy. That was distressed most people. With ending the hurricane season, I decided to go to Barbados for spending winter season within 4 days. In winter season, sun shine can be obtained. Then, communities of various countries come here as a habit for brooking that moment. As a plan I left for my journey. Travel to Barbados

Wow wow amazing!!! Where is this? Can’t imagine that a real situation. With approaching the evening, saw a beautiful view. What is that? Can you say?

Sunset bring a wonderful view. Everyone loves to brook that with sandy touch. As well as can to see an attractive shoreline. They had organized various sports and events for comers to shoreline. That was a funny experience. Engaged within those activities and enjoyed with each other. Some of them were Kickball, Softball and flag football. In addition to that, did boat ricing. Got a great appreciation. Didn’t forget to take some pictures of shoreline.

After having dinner, went to the bar shop and took an interest red wine. Again, everyone went to shoreline and enjoyed with singing songs. Just a fun!!! That was an experience never to be missed. In that way, my first day was spent. So, collected more experience of my journey. I will note all of you about that how to spend for rest three days.

Hi everyone..


This town was located in the parish of St James. There was a delightful environmental background and a dramatical view. This town consists with hotels, bar shops and fine eateries etc. These hotels and bar shops were designed as modern. Most people engage for own working within five days a week. Therefore, they come to Holetown for spending on Saturday and Sunday effectively. As well as come for achievement everyday needs.


Folkestone Marine Museum and Visitor’s Centre

This was an underwater park and located in North of Holetown. The sanctuary consists with substantial reef. Able to see most kind of marine life. Some scientists follow about these locations as research projects. Some do various experiments about marine organisms. At marine reserve, can take some activities such as swimming, snorkeling, boating and diving. This place is an important to comer for travelling.

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Began this town as a fort and after became to a thriving port. At present, that is famous as a thriving fishing port. If need to know about history and life of town, should follow Arlington House Museum. An interesting view is given by this museum. The Gallery of Caribbean Art was located in Northern Business Centre and art lovers can come to brooking arts. Some of arts were Bajan, Haiti, Caribbean arts, Jamaican and Trinidad. Got a good entertainment through it.

The Animal Flower Cave

This was located in the Parish of St Lucy. Then, at the Northernmost point of the Island. That consists with large sea cave and several hundred chambers. In addition to that, chambers can be seen within large pools, some sea anemones and unusual rock formations. However, went into cave trough an opening and was looking at the sea from naturally formed windows. When was looking felt an awesome feeling. As well as, anyone can go alone. If anyone want, can get a guide. In that way, such facilities were available there.

Went to a café called as “Pirates Tavern” for comers to Animal Flower Cave. At there, had a very fruit juice. Amazing!!1 Taste is very very interest. This was an informal café and opened within full day. Their service is great

The Animal Flower Cave

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Grenade Hall Forest & Farley Hill National Park

Saw animal groups of every types such as monkeys, deers, otters, agouti and mangoose and followed their various life patterns such as habitats, feed patterns and behavior. Noted everything which are seen as my habit. Why is that? It is advantageous for future as memories. Able to see special organism groups. They are walk-in bird aviary, orchid collection, butterflies collection, insects groups and there was an iguana sanctuary. Next, left to Grenade Hall forest. After spent a long time at the Signal Station. While was observing, had to see precolombian tolls. Knew that those that were obtained when restoration. This forest consists many species of trees and plant life.

Next, went to Farley Hill National Park. The ruins of a palatial mansion had been displayed there. When was looking at east coast, saw wonderful views. Thought that come here one day with family members. Why? They should know about such these valuable places.

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St Nicholas Abbey

This was oldest original building within Island and located in the Western Hemisphere. As well was a Jacoban house and has opened to for full day.

Flower Forest

This is a tropical area with beautiful gardens in St Joseph. Awesome views can be seen from Atlantic coastline. Walked along large vegetation area with following names of plants and named from English and Latin languages to easy for identification.

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Harrisons Cave

Harrisons cave consists underground lakes and waterfalls. Some were taking picture, bathing and playing balls. Looked forward at how to have fun with each other. Can consider as limeston cavern. That crystalized cavern brings a precious view.

Harrisons Cave min 1

Welchman Hall Gully and Forest Reserve

When was walking for some distance, found a lush area with tropical plants. The forest that consists with characteristics of cool and deep had located in the Parish of St Thomas. Followed about wildlife of how to feed, their habitats, how to face against enemies and how to protect on environmental challenge.

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Crane Beach

Crane beach is best beach with palm-fringed stretch of sand in world. Show a nature like Caribbean beach. Can see everywhere from beach. When was there, remembered past memories about how spent these days with my friends.

Crane Beach

The town of Oistins and its Weekly Foodie Fest

Went to Oistins on Saturday. Street food parties held and occurred fish fry up. They cooked tuna, marlin. lobster, chicken, flying fish and swordfish. In addition to that, a person renders piano at evening to comers. Get a great tang with sound that come from sea lapping and piano music.

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So, spent 4 days successfully. I will come again. Good Bye!!!

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