Travel In Millennium Point Of Poonagala Sri Lanka in 2022

Travel In Millennium Point Of Poonagala

     Ampitikanda, Maha Kanda and Poonagala estates are combined to form this Poonagala estate. This estate with 09 Deviation is a large estate in this area of 500 hectares. This estate located in the Uva basin on the eastern slope of the mountain is really a tourist paradise. So, last week we went to the very beautiful Muttu Mari Amman temple in this Poonagala Estate, and today’s journey starts from there.

Muttu Mari Amman Temple
Muttu Mari Amman Temple

To say goodbye to the temple, we started again and found Pilkington Point. From the temple, we joined the main plantation road again and reached Pilkington Point after another kilometer. Even though we came to this Pilkington Point in this Poonagala Estate, we could not go to the Muttu Mari Amman Temple and also to the Millennium Point that day. Because when we asked for information from several employees who worked in this state, the answer we got was that if the has elephants, take care of them. Because of those words, we had to stop our journey to the Millennium Point. This time we prepared for the journey with a firm determination that we will definitely go to the Millennium Point.

Many people who come to this Poonagala Estate end their visit at Pilkington Point because of this elephant issue.  Because you have to travel more than two distances to the top of the mountain. So now we have reached Pilkington Point, it is said that this place can take care of five provinces of Sri Lanka at the same time. It is said that you can see all the five provinces of Central, Sabaragamuwa, South, Neghera and Uva from here. Located at a height of 4600 meters above sea level, this charming place is said to be able to see three quarters of Sri Lanka’s sea area. Also, you can see the lights of Trakkunamale, Kirinda and Deundara lighthouses and Kataragama Kiriwehera. Also, the lights of our recently built Hambantota Port and Mattala Airport can be seen.

Pilkington Point

It was in the year 1800 that he came to see if this Poonagala estate was suitable for tea cultivation. So the land where this estate is located has been observed from the location of Pilkington Point in that village. Anyway, this Punagala tea plantation starts in the year 1898 when Sir Greg Pilkington becomes the first plantation superintendent. So he is the one who created this beautiful view point. So that’s why this place has been named as Pilkington Point. After spending half a day here, we started our journey again with the intention of going to the Millennium Point.

From Pilkington Point, we continued on the road to the south towards the mountain. After a short distance, we saw an abandoned tea plantation. We walked forward along the narrow path with Kirwana stones. We did not meet anyone except a couple of goats who were occasionally grazing in the plantation. After a journey of about a kilometer, we reached a four-way junction. We realized that this place is a burial ground of the people of this estate because we could see the signs that had been buried recently. Km at this place. The road to Millennium Point was marked on a small board as 1.20, so it helped us to find the way easily. From here the difficulty of the road increased more and more. We had to drive our vehicle over the rocks on the road.

We had to reverse the cab several times to pass the worst bend we encountered on this road. We came across a bend like this during the trip to Walapane’s Kurudu Falls.  At this time, we could see only the signs of a footpath and no sign of a vehicle. The tea cultivation in Udahena Division ends here. After the tea plantation, we had to climb a steep hill of about 100 feet. I switched to 4-wheel gear anyway to avoid the hassles on the way. After that we moved further in the middle of the turpentine forest and this is where the dwarf elephants coming from the direction of Mbaya Koslanda are said to be hanging out. Why did he move forward with good attention.

We reached the top of the turpentine forest. From here there is a footpath to the left, we drove the vehicle towards it. Crushing the thorn grass, we moved forward for another 200 meters. After that, there is another big climb of about 50 meters. We stopped the vehicle and checked the forested road. In fact, there used to be a stone-covered road during the time of British colonial, but now it has completely disappeared. Now we have no choice but to go up. There is no place to turn the vehicle. I switched to  4 wheel because the road was so difficult. After driving a few meters in the forest, both wheels on the right fell into a ditch. We tried to get out of the drain by going forward and backward several times and somehow our third attempt was successful. After climbing the most difficult mountains, the plains at the top reached the ground.

Millennium Point
Millennium Point
Millennium Point

This Millennium Point is a place with a 360-degree view. Therefore, from here you can observe the mountain tops of a large area of Sri Lanka. Sripada mountain is also said to be accessible here. The beautiful vegetation here is that the entire land including the top of this mountain is rained by a rain forest. On the top of the mountain, an attic was created using iron bars, but it was destroyed by a fire in the year 2000 due to some reason. Today, only the iron frame was seen. We also climbed on it and took several photos because it had a strange beauty. When we looked for information about this after this trip, we came to know that this is not a suitable place to go to Millennium Point by vehicle. Because in 2012, a tractor overturned in this most difficult place. Mr. Malith Peiris, the Estate Officer of Waturawila Estate, stated that after 2015, two vehicles have traveled to the top of this mountain, that is our vehicle and his vehicle. Therefore, this journey is best done by walking.

We would like to especially thank Mr. Malith Peiris, Estate Superintendent, and Eranda Madugalla Estate Superintendent, who helped us to make this trip a success. See you again at a friendly event in Sri Lanka.


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