The Difficult Journey From The Bottom Of The World’s End To The Top

The Difficult Journey From The Bottom Of The World's End To The Top

       Horton Plain is a place where many local tourists as well as foreign tourists visit. The end of the world is a place that everyone who comes to enjoy the beauty of Horton Plains will not forget. If you go about 05 km from the main entrance of Horton Plains place, you can reach this most beautiful place. In fact, if one thinks that the world’s end can come from the bottom to the top while experiencing its beauty. So today we will reach Horton plains along the Nanperial estate which can be seen from the top of Asathi Lokanda.

In fact, to see the end of the world, more and more people are taking the gated road through Nuwara Eliya Pattopola. Also, those coming from Haputale Welimada can also cross the road through Ohiya. At the same time, if you have a vehicle like 4 wheels, one can go to the end of the world even by taking the road from Kalupahane via Babarakanda Ella to Udaveri to Ohiya and getting a strange experience. So, the road that has the most environmental beauty of all the mentioned roads is the road that goes from the bottom of the world to the top of the Puwaan through this Nanperial estate to the Horton plains.


Nanperial Estate Falls
Nanperial Estate Falls

Looking down from the vantage point at the end of the world, we can see the valley of Hirikathu Mbaye as well as the Nanperial Estate and the row rooms of the plantation workers living there. The access road to this estate starts on the Balangoda Haputale road, passing Belihulmbaya and Km. It’s when you go forward like 02. It is not difficult to find because there is a board for Nanperial Estate.

Starting from the main road, this most beautiful road can be travelled by vehicle for a distance of 23 km. We also started the journey early in the morning because after 10 in the morning the mist started to flow to the upper part of Nanperiyal. If it really starts to get cold, you won’t be able to see the beautiful views of this journey. Therefore, it is very important for a traveler to start his journey early in the morning.

We can see several small waterfalls as we go for kilometers along the valley of Hirikatu Oya. Our group stopped for a while in another beautiful area just to have a look around. In the little break we got, we took off the drone camera to see the beauty of the surrounding mountain range from a bird’s eye view. Due to the rain these days, a strange Syria is added to the name of the mountain of love that can be seen in the front. Because of the rain, there is no shortage of waterfalls in the Nanperial Falls.

As we continued further along the road, we could see the three-tiered Nanperial Falls on the side of the road. We continued further on the Watawangu road that leads to the top of the mountain to the waterfall. The road is really narrow and the construction of the road by winding along the mountains is amazing. After traveling for 12 km, we reached the vicinity of Nanperial Tea Factory. If you want to go up from here, you have to get permission from the estate management. There was no problem because we had already done that.

The road leading up from Nanperial is a very narrow road. That’s why you need to drive a vehicle very carefully here and there if you happen to be a few hundred feet away from the cliff. As soon as we reached the sight of Baker’s Bend, it was only after a group of people was laying concrete on the road that we came to know that this place was a place of landslides due to the last rain.

Baker's Bend
Baker's Bend

Baker’s Bend is one of the most beautiful places on tanparial road. Baker’s Bend has been built by making a bend in the most difficult place to take the road up. It was in 1920 that tea cultivation started in Nanperial Estate. V.E. Bakers, the manager of the estate, is the one who initiated the creation of the road system of this estate.

So Baker’s Bend is named after him. This beautiful Baker’s Bend, which is more than 5,000 meters above sea level, allows you to see the valley below as well as a large area in the southern part of Sri Lanka. A cloud of fog from the far side of Butterfly Lake completely covered Baker’s Bend where we were staying in an instant. And so, in a little while, the clouds disappeared completely. That is the specialty here. Anyway, the fog starts coming here after ten in the morning. That’s why it is better to come here in the morning.

So far, we have climbed about 20 km on the Nanperial estate road. This Baker’s Bend is the 23rd bend that we come across, so this is the most beautiful bend we found on this trip. So again we started the journey, we have to go up 2000 feet. So now we have reached as far as we can see the Horton plain. There is about another kilometer to reach the end of this road, so this non-perial road ends at Horton plain border.

Nagrak Bungalow
Nagrak Bungalow
View from Nagrak Bungalow
Nagrak Bungalow

Now we are traveling along the top of the mountain, after a journey of about 500 meters, we reached the most beautiful place in the Nagrak section, which is the Nagrak State Bungalow. Actually, spending a night in this bungalow is a big dream of many people, but these days it is closed to a maintenance. Now that the work has been completed, it has not yet been opened, said Mr. Dennis, the Estate Superintendent, that it will be opened for tourists in February. Like 1938, V.E. Mr. Bakers is designing this estate bungalow.

when going to ohiya passes through this place that this beautiful place catches his eye and after that, an estate bungalow is built in this place. So when you look from here, you can observe a large area of the southern region. If the sky is clear, you can see all the way to the Hambantota sea. Behind the estate, the bungalow is Horton plain. there is a road from here to the world’s end, but it is not allowed to go there.

In the past, the tea leaves produced in this garden were taken to Ohiya by a road built along this Horton place. Even today you can see that road, but now it is covered by the forest and the footpath leading to the end of the world is along that covered road. The tea boxes were brought to the top by a cable system that was used to bring the tea produced in the Nanperial factory from below to this plantation bungalow.

The spare parts of the cable system built at that time can still be seen near this plantation bungalow. There is a big difference in the rain received by this nonperial plantation located on the western slope of the central mountains, and the reason for this may be due to the location of this plantation. So anyone who walks up and down this estate can see it. Although the environment is beautiful, the lower part of this estate is really barren, so the tea plantation does not look that lush.

After that came to visit our final destination, the world’s end. This journey from the bottom of the world’s end to the top. Although it was difficult, it was a very beautiful experience for us.

Worlds end
World’s end
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