Road Trip Of Gampola – Nuwara Eliya Road

Road Trip Of Gampola - Nuwara Eliya Road

      Many travellers their travel never think to the change road and get a travel experience. Passing Pussella and going to Nuwara Eliya through Ramboda is a very beautiful journey.  Most of our tourists use this route. The beauty of Devatura Falls, Kotmale Reservoir, Ramboda Falls and Poona Oya Falls contribute greatly to the beauty of this trip. The main road is said to be the most beautiful road. We thought the same. The other day we also had to have a similar experience, that is when we went to Nuwara Eliya. On the Gampola – Nuwara Eliya road.

Today we thought of going to Nuwara Eliya by a different route. We have been to Nuwara Eliya by different routes like this before. When we came to Gampola from the city, passed Pussella and continued for about a kilometer, we turned left to Portop road. This time our route is to come to Portop along Hellboda Estate and from there via Portop Tea House and connect to Nuwara Eliya road near Kanuwa 55 km on Nuwara Eliya road.

Garred Falls is one of our main tourist attractions on this trip. Yasas Sameera also joined this trip as usual. Since we started the journey early in the morning, it was around eight in the morning when we reached Pussella. You see, we have now passed Pussella and turned to Portope road. Now we are slowly going to the top of the mountain. Anyway, moving up means that the beauty of the environment is increasing more and more. That’s why we stopped the vehicle for a while to observe the surrounding environment. That’s when we got to see the Peacock Hill mountain range that we visited one day. But this is like seeing that mountain in a different way.

After, we started the journey after a journey of about five to six kilometers, we reached Helboda estate. We also stopped the vehicle at Helboda Estate, the road leading through the Thewatuya and the mountain ranges in front of it create a strange and charming sight, so we got out of the vehicle and did not forget to enjoy this beauty as much as possible. Here we could see the southern slope of the Kondagala mountain range of the Lulkadura estate.

Road trip

What we are seeing here is the mountain range on the southern slope of the Pidurutalagala reserve. We started our journey by going round and round along the ridges of the mountains and we reached Portop plantation. To mark the boundary of the estate, a board called Portop was installed, so anyone can know that they are now in the Portop estate. We didn’t forget to spend a few minutes here because this place is also a place to see the surrounding beauty. Here you can clearly see Hantana and Gampola Ambuluawa mountain. And in the distance, you can see the Knuckles mountain range. So far we have climbed 09 km and we are now at a height of about 1500 meters above sea level.

Portop road

When we went up another kilometer, we found a very strange place, which is a strangely beautiful plantation of pines. We have never seen grass growing on the ground in many of the pine forests that we have seen, but in this pine forest, the grass was planted, adding a strange beauty, like a field, that’s why we saw a strange beauty here. That’s why we decided to stop here for a while to relieve our tiredness.

plantation of pines

Now it is quite close to Garad Falls, which is a tourist event of this trip, and it is about two km away. As we were pulling forward, a plantation employee put his hand on our vehicle and stopped us. sir you have to buy a ticket to go beyond here Rs. 250 will be. So we did not go to argue again, we also obeyed the estate law and paid the amount and moved forward again. This ticket-breaking junction is a place where several roads divide into several roads. We turned right here because our journey was to the open road in Kandy. In the recent past, there were potholes on these roads. By now, work has started to carpet the road, so this trip was a little easier for us.

Moving forward, we went a short distance and turned right again with the intention of going to the top of Garad Falls. We stopped the vehicle at the end of the road, the vehicle cannot go beyond here, there is a big cliff below. As soon as we stopped our vehicle, some pod kids surrounded us. An older uncle came from behind us and asked us where you were going. We go to the starting point of the Garad Falls. Sir, you can’t use this road because the vegetable farms will damage. Finally, he promised to show us the waterfall. While walking through the vegetable fields, we switched to the other side of the Garad Oya and after walking a short distance, we were able to reach the top of the falls. Even though we reached the top of the falls, we couldn’t see anything below the falls because we couldn’t go to the falls from here, and if we slip even a little bit, we are hundreds of feet below the cliff.

Vegetable Farm
Vegetable Farm
Garad Falls
Garad Falls
Garad Falls
View from top of the grande falls
View from top of the grand falls

Looking down, we could see the Nuwara Eliya road at the foot of the falls, and the vehicles moving around are like fire pits. There is a place where you can see the falls beautifully. Again we walked over the cultivated fields and sometimes through the iluk and after a walk of about 15 vinads we reached the view point where we can see the falls.

By the time we reached here, several other tourists had arrived. If you want to behave at this View Point located on a small rock, you have to have good restraint because even if you can’t do it a little here and there, it will be on the cliff below. On the left, you can see the Pidurutalagala Reserve. The Gared River, which starts from the reserve, flows down and comes along a large plain and falls down hundreds of feet at once. It is known that the villagers named this waterfall as Garad Falls because it looks thin like a rat snake in the distance. I was staring at this 100-meter-high waterfall for a long time saying how beautiful our country Sri Lanka is. At this lookout point, there is a Puawan cave under the rock that holds about 15 people. Now we are ready to go down to that cave as well.

Stone cave
Stone cave

A bit of a rough ride. In any case, if we get down and suddenly it rains. A place where we were told to escape from the rain, we reached an open place after moving forward along the cave. There is also a place where the waterfall is seen in a different way. If the viewing angle changes a little bit, the same thing can be seen in a different way, so this place is also the best proof. We said goodbye to Garad Falls because we wanted to go to Nuwara Eliya. After changing the main road leading out of the city, the road we came here is amazingly beautiful. Anyway, we have come near the portop tea factory. Where are you guys going? A plantation worker at the tea factory asked us. I informed him of our need by saying that we should go to this Nuwara Eliya road. These days, sir, the road is being concreted, that’s why the road is closed, sir. All our hopes were dashed by that story. We returned the vehicle with the intention of going to Nuwara Eliya on another day.

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