Ravana Rock – Ancient Airport of King Ravana in Maskeliya

Ravana Rock – Ancient Airport of King Ravana in Maskeliya

       In recent days, there was a wave of paintings all over Sri Lanka, and the hero of many people in this wave of paintings was King Ravana. That’s why we also thought to visit this event related to King Ravana. While I was there, Chaminda Kumara, brother of Chaminda Kumara, who is in the canyons, and Anil Withanage’s brother, who is in the wildlife, called me one day and said this. There has a place called Ravana rock in Maskeliya, where Ravana’s dadumonera landed. After saying that, The next day we started our journey and finally we stopped at Ravana rock in Maskeliya.

It was about eight in the morning when we came from Kurunegala to Kalugala via Karavanella and Kithulgala. From Kalugala we chose to go to Maskeliya via Hagarapitiya because of the Lagama road. The road to Hagarapitiya is slightly broken and falls at the foot of the Saptakya mountain range, which is why the road has a strange beauty. This road goes from Diyagala to Maskeliya on the way to the four canals. It is now around ten in the morning and our tour of this Ravana rock will start right from Onna Lakama. Lakama is a small marketplace between Maskeliya and Canyon. There is a board here called Maussakale estate. It used to be called Ravana stone but now it is not seen. We turned from Lakam and started walking up along the plantation road.

As you know, the condition of estate roads is very bad and the three-wheeler is the main vehicle of the estate people. That’s why we had to give way to several three wheels on the way. No matter how difficult the road is, we realized one thing the beauty of the surrounding environment is increasing more and more. When we travelled about 03 km up, our vehicle jumped into the middle of the road and stopped at once. Sir, you can’t leave the vehicle from here, now you can’t go up, there is a gate from the garden. Why did we go to the top before? Coming to show us the way with us, brother Chaminda raised his voice to show that he had come before and knew about this place. Why did we move forward until we met the gate that was said to have been thrown? We met the newly installed gate barrier about 500 meters away.

We stopped the vehicle at a place near the gate and started the journey again on foot. As the journey on foot goes around the mountain and goes up, it was possible to enjoy the beauty of Maskeliya reservoir from below. Its beauty increased even more because of the sight of the two waterfalls of Murray and Gartmore falling into the reservoir. At the same time, the Saptakanya mountains behind us were looking at us with great solemnity without any ghosts.

Maskeliya Reservoir
Maskeliya Reservoir

After walking about a kilometre, we reached Ravana rock. We were very surprised to see this amazing creation on top of the mountain. Nature is a wonderful creator and this Ravana rock is another good proof of that. At the top of the mountains are about two acres of plains and rocks. There are no openings to be seen here as if a concrete block has been cut to the level. South of here is the town of Maskeliya. Actually, if we just assume, we could see an area where a plane can take off and land from the south or the north.

Ravana Rock – Ancient Airport of King Ravana in Maskeliya
Ravana Rock – Ancient Airport of King Ravana in Maskeliya
two prallel lines of ravanarock
Two Parallels Lines of Ravana Rock

King Ravana is a powerful king who ruled our country from 2554 BC to 2517 BC. King Ravana, who took control of Sri Lanka as well as a part of South India, gave the power to rule it to his sister, Princess Suparnika. Princess Suparnika blocks Bamunan’s cruelty to animals in sacrifices, and Bamunan, who sneers at this, reports it to King Dasharatha of India. The king assigns his two sons, Rama and Lakshmana, to look into this problem. It is said that they cut off the ears and nose of Princess Suparnika. Somehow fed up with this, King Ravana kidnaps Rama’s princess Sita to Sri Lanka in India. An army of Rama comes to Ceylon with Hanumantha in search of Sita.

Anyway, the legend says that there was this war for about ten years. Our people are very good at betraying today as well as in the past. Ravana could not be defeated easily with the power of King Ravana. Finally, Ravana’s brother Vibhishana tells Rama exactly where to shoot if Ravana is to be killed. It is said that Rama, who took advantage of it, killed King Ravana and took Princess Sita with him to India.

Later it is said that the ruling power of Sri Lanka was handed over to Vibhishana. King Ravana was a very powerful king in Sri Lanka who had a lot of Ayurveda, technology, knowledge, and various powers. But the written history of our country begins with the great dynasty, but there is no mention of this Ravana. But in our folklore, it is mentioned about the places where King Ravana visited. Such as Wariyapola, Hakgala, Hasalaka, Dolukanda, Lakegala, Chariot Path, Ella and the other places where we came today are Ravana rock. Although there is no mention of this King Ravana in our historical records, the Ramayana written by Valmiki of India mentions our King Ravana. This Ramayana is a work written before our great dynasty.

We met a plantation worker called Subramaniam at Ravana rock. He works as a guard on this plantation. According to him, until recently, there were two lines that could be seen parallel to each other on this rock, which means that the people here also have a great belief that King Ravana’s Dandumonaraya (airplane) must have landed on this rock.

Today, new work has started in the estate, which is the construction of several cabanas for those who come to stay near this Ravana rock. So those who are going to Ravana Rock can stop for a day if they want.

Maussakale estate
Maussakale Estate

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