My Favourite Experiences in New York

My Favorite Experiences in New York

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While I was working at office continuously, able to get a vacation for two weeks. Usually, plan a trip as a habit for spending that vacation effectively. So, prepared a timetable for my new trip. Can you guess that what is that place? Haha!!!

New York. Actually, this is famous location in the world. Joined a friend which work together with me at office. Both us left for our journey on that day from my home to airport and got passports. After that, entered into related plane. We are talking about places which are planned by us for going. Had a curiosity till going to New York due to hadn’t a knowledge about that area. But imagined that our travel is succeeded. What? We occurred to face for various talents. So, must ready to win from such issues. Unawares we reached to New York with our talk

I will tell you about observed experiences by travelling in New York.

Top of the Rock

The iconic Empire State Building. This is most important place in New York. However, can’t see best environmental views from there. So, left with finding another suitable location. At final, able to find a location. That is called as “Top of the Rock” and located at the Rockefeller Center. This is the lesser-known observation desk. When observing around the environment, can see all views of Manhattan.

In addition to that, saw an unobstructed view which are spread in city. In that way, took some pictures of those views and selfies. Sit there and had a fruit drink due to more tired. That moment was a wonderful experience. What? Everyday we are fighting with our jobs. In this way when spending the vacation, mind is cleared and forget issues of own working place.

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When going from UK to New York, carried out a sized suitcase due to there were more retail goods for a less price. Can see more people who come to buy variable implements. Why? Reducing cost is the best way for achieving standard of living. There is a largest department store and that is called as “Herald Square”. If you walk everywhere, at least spend for three hours. So, can buy every need for less prices. Can see clothing rails. In addition to that another store has located at there. That’s name was Century 21. Went to the Century 21 for spending time furthermore. The commodities of Herald Square are more prices than Century 21. So, most people weren’t there.

If you want to enjoy furthermore go to the Woodbury Common. There are more shops and can get special offers for buying. Top brands are there such as Armani and Nike.

Let’s look that what is ESTA

A visa is necessary to enter the USA. But a visa is not necessary for USA citizens. However, ESTA is needed. So, should apply for your ESTA. Can consider ESTA as a visa. Permit for some persons of certain countries to travel in the United States without a visa.

Can prepare our ESTA quickly under the right provider and that may be an easy method for saving time. After preparing ESTA, can enter to America without a disturbance. Your journey is quick and can get more experiences at there. If want to do the ESTA application within a few minutes, can apply online. After ending this, our vacation can be spent forward in US happily.

Taking in a baseball game

The famous sport in America is American Football. That is a biggest sport and can play up to NFL level. NFL level is the top level of American Football. NYC is represented by two NFL teams. The Giants and the jets use MetLife Stadium. That MetLife Stadium is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Provide three hours for playing games and continue events almost day. If participate for games, should park own vehicles in parking lots around the stadium. According to the American tradition food, drinks and parties had been prepared while continuing events and they treat fans by offering those foods and drinks. After sitting on a seat, start to treat them. It was an awesome experience for me. This sport shows co-operation and efficiency between each other.

If want to know more details about this game, can read article which was submitted by journalist in USA. It is described that I participated for Jet game in October 2014.

I tried to combine this with above statement. Even though I imagined to complete it under “Going to a sport game”, understood that it is unsuitable. So, excluded that moment.

In addition to football, we can see baseball sport in New York. The baseball is consisted with two teams. There is a most storied sporting franchise. That is called as Yankees. Won 27 World Series for their name. When we go to Yankee Stadium, there is a duty that should be performed by us. What is that? Before entering to Yankee Stadium, should check the palatial ballpark. As well as, need to know about its history and consider the grandeur of the place. The location that are seen is Citi Field. It is called as home of the Mets and located in the borough of queens.

At here, the baseball games are better than NFL. Because of baseball games have best budget options. Therefore, if you want a budget, attempt for American pastime.

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Taking the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is an important budget option. When consider about its location, has been located between the borough of Staten Island and the Southern tip of Manhattan.

There are more bright orange boats and more daily departures are there. As well as, has a free charge for passing the Statue of Liberty and an ability of seeing fantastic views of the Manhattan.

In this way, I would like to end my story. You also try to travel everywhere and collect fantastic memories at there. One day, those will be sweet memories.

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