Los Angeles Hikes for Families

Los Angeles Hikes for Families

Hi everyone,

Where are we going to visit today? If possible, try to guess. Haha !!!

Many people are accustomed to travelling with their family or friends to a place of worship or Botanical gardens in their own or rented vehicle. But hiking is a strange experience. There are actually a lot of difficulties at the hiking. We have to carry a large bag with various materials. Why is that? If we need food, water or anything else, there are no facilities to get anything. Therefore, this journey should be prepared in advance for all needs.

Let’s say this. In the event of an accident such as a sudden scratch or injury, we will have to deal with the necessary first aid as well as the prevailing climatic condition and need to be careful of wild animals. So, in this way should consider about journey.

Well, I’ll start now. Already know that I’m going to tell you about a hike because had a few ideas about walking at the beginning of the story.

Many people are accustomed to visiting the lose Angeles in Southern California. Because of its awesome climate conditions and beautiful green environment. A wide range of biodiversity has been distributed. Also, a large number of wildlife have been saved due to the national parks here. Interactions between various animals lead to the need to learn how to complete the food chain and contribute for ecological balance.  

8 Los Angeles Hikes for Families

Old La Zoo

At here, I’m going to tell about Griffith park. The park is full of paths, reservoirs and wildlife and it takes a day to study everything here. Hundreds of miles across the park, first come Old La Zoo. Although this limited to a small hike, a large number of different species can be seen. While exploring throughout the park, can see ancient ruins of the Los Angeles Zoo. How long has history been? Whatever the technology used? It can be concluded that sch an advanced technology has existed since ancient times. These wreckages have not been removed but have been sent to the exhibition to impart knowledge of history to future generations. When these facts are considered this site assists for investigations.

ola zoo

Mt Hollywood

It’s great to spend time in the Griffith observatory in Los Angeles. Also, hiking for Mt Hollywood we describe here first started from this place. Start for most hikes from this place. Although hiking can be a bit daunting, the experiences gained and this can be a great help in coping with some of the bitter events of one’s daily life. During the hiking can see amazing views and some take a variety of images for their enjoying. In addition, I set aside some time to spend Captain’s Roost. It has a large number of trees and it is amazing to study the way the trees are planted. I meant here something like this. Confused minds quickly fade when they see any scenes that are neat and tidy. Just like a meditation. Hollywood is one of the scenic spots in the Los Angeles.

Mt Hollywood

Runyon Canyon

Next, we got ready to go from Hollywood to the Runyon Canyon. Although it is more difficult to hike, it can provide a wealth of experience. During the trek occurred to face for various difficulties and all those obstacles disappear by seeing the amazing trails and reservoirs. Can see trees planted in different patterns, variety of birds that roam the garden and how to take photo of various locations. What? Positive thoughts are evoked when we study pure visions that bring solace to the mind.

Runyon Canyon

Lake Hollywood Trail

After chose a place where able to get experiences differently than other places. That’s Lake Hollywood Trail. This place is perfect for cycling. So, I also enjoyed by riding a bicycle. While was cycling all at once someone told me by addressing my name and so scared. As soon as was scared I looked around to see if anyone knew me. Wow.. That is my old classmate. After a longtime we talk about how our lives are built. In that way ended our communion. Because there is more to walk. The walk, which is about three miles long, is made of cement. The terrain is designed in flat way. In addition, there is a Hollywood Sign behind the lake that many people miss.

Mt Hollywood 1

Eaton Canyon

Then, I used a few days to travel outside of Los Angeles. The first place I met was a place called as Eaton Canyon. This place is visited by a lot of people on weekends and this can be seen in abundance in the spring. At the end of the hiking can see a beautiful waterfall. Can experience the way animals move freely in the reservoirs and Demonstrate their gregariousness through that view. Each of these moments brings great inspiration.

Eaton Canyon

San Vicente Mountain Park

In this way went back to San Vicente Mountain park. About a two mile walk you will come across this place where you can see the ruins of an old construction. A study of the wreckage revealed that it was Nike Missile Radar Tower. It was also useful in the Cold War and was used to identify Soviet Missiles. In fact, this place offers a broad understanding of military history.

Temescal Canyon

Next started the journey from Santa Monica. At the beginning of the hike, a shaded area was seen. Gradually, as you approach the viewpoint, the elevation increases. Now you may be wondering what the viewpoint is. From the viewpoint, can see the Ocean, Santa Monica and even the Los Angeles. So, I ended my hiking happily.

Actually, I wanted to motivate more and more for journey. Why? Should inform for young generation to protect these valuable resources for future. Must contribute as much as we can for conservation of natural beauty. Not only this but there are many more place to visit in the Los Angeles. So, let’s explore what those new locations on another day. Goodbye!!!


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