Kaudulla National Park Amazing Adventure Safari in Sri Lanka

Kaudulla National Park Amazing Adventure Safari in Sri Lanka

        Today we are ready to go to see the elephants who will not get bored no matter how much they look. If you want to see elephants, there are plenty of parks in our country. Even if you go to Yala, Kumana, Wilpattu, and Udawalawe, you can see elephants. But two or three elephants are useless. If you look, you can see at least 100 to 200 elephants. Really, even if you say that, where can you see so many elephants at the same time?

Today we are ready to take you to a park where you can see a large number of elephants at once. That is Kaudulla National Park, if you come to Kaudulla, you can take care of elephants to your heart’s content. Mr. Anil Withanage, the caretaker of Kaudulla Park, the site guard, was talking to me one day, and one day, he invited me to Kaudulla to see elephants. So when a friend invites us, we cannot ignore it. These days it is raining everywhere in the country and we reached Kaudulla despite the rain. Normally, if you come to see the elephants, you should come to Kaudulla even after noon because the elephants come to the lake area only in the evening. But by the time we reached Kaudulla, it was past three o’clock.

Vehicles entering Kaudulla Park must leave the park by 6 pm. Since we arrived late, we had less than 3 hours to spend in the park. Therefore, we took permission very quickly and left with a forest officer guiding us. Sir, due to the rain these days, the roads in the lake area are very muddy. From his words, we could get some idea about the condition of the roads. Bro, it doesn’t matter if the roads are muddy, take us to a place where there are elephants. I told him. After a few km from the main entrance, we entered the lakeside at the first turn with the intention of seeing elephants. After going a little distance in the middle of the forest and falling in love with the lake, we could see the road system full of mud pits.

As we continued along the lakeside, we were able to see two single elephants eating leaves. Those two elephants were far away from each other. There are two male animals and they are alone. Saying, Sampath raised his voice to guide us. When we went a few meters further, at the same time, an elephant came out of the middle of the forest, crossing our path. we parked the vehicle for some time. After a while, the group of elephants was across the way. It was only later that we realized that the elephant who had come earlier had given us a sound to protect as the group crossed paths.

As I was listening to those stories, my eyes were immediately drawn to Kaudulla Lake because of the beauty of the lake. When the lake was built, the trunks of the trees that were under the lake are rising above the lake, creating a beautiful scene. The beauty of the lake increased with the sight of the setting sun. So we did not forget to take two or three photos. When you come to Kaudulla lake, let’s go after listening to the story of that lake too, right?

King Mahasen Minneriya Lake was built between 274 – 301 AD. During the construction of that lake, Princess Bisobandara, who was the sister of King Mahasen, together with Krishna, who was a minister of King Mahasen, secretly built the Kaudulla lake for the king at night. So if the king was in the palace, who can talk to him, this is Kauda who told the king the story of secretly building the lake. So this Kauda was killed in this lake.

Kaudulla Lake
Kaudulla Lake
Kaudulla national park

A herd of about 50 elephants came near without knowing it. They are eating at their loss as if there is no problem, we are watching elephants at our loss. When we passed several other jeeps, most of them were carrying foreigners. In the elephant herds, you can see the different age groups, and a little far away there was a female with two other male elephants, so we approached it a little bit.

When we got closer, according to the characteristics of the elephant’s body, Sampath, our guide, said that both of these elephants are trying to a female elephants. Two male animals to win the love of one female animal. It was easy for us to identify those who won love because the female animal was right next to the male animal who won love. I got to know that the trees are killed for days, weeks, and months for this kind of love. Male elephants come to the herd only when they are a bit shy, but it is not easy to come and find a mate. It’s hard to find someone you like together. To find a partner, elephants try for two or three days. At that time. So, if you want to study the behavior patterns of elephants like this, you need to spend hours. If you enter the forest around noon, you can see the elephants freely until six in the evening.

large group of elephants in sri lanka
two elephant fight for a female elephant
mating activities of elephants

So, if you can spend hours, talk about elephants. When we go to Kaudulla to see elephants, it is better to know about Kaudulla Forest. It was the people here who showed the elephant tourists coming to Kaudulla Lake. But the government has not received any income from it. Therefore, this park was gazetted as the 15th park in Sri Lanka on April 1, 2002. Kaudulla is a very important place from the point of view of cultural diversity.

Like all the elephants in different places like Somavatiya, Wasgamuwa, and Angammadilla, they migrate to Kaudulla during April and October. Anil Withanage, the conservationist of the site, said that Kaudulla is a haven for the birth of elephants in good health condition because mating activities are done with animals in different areas. It is said that 13000 acres of paddy fields are nourished by Kaudulla Reservoir which has 104000 acres.

Also, Kaudulla National Park covers an area of 6900 hectares and two-thirds of the park is surrounded by trees for most of the year. This park is the only amazing park. So a person who came here can see birds besides elephants and can also see birds such as diyakawa, latuvekia, Asian sparrowhawk, and alukoka. Due to the rain these days, the roads in the Kaudulla Lake area are very muddy, so it is best if you have a 4-wheel vehicle. Because the 4-wheel system of a jeep carrying tourists was not working, we had to pull their jeep when it was muddy. Therefore, if you are coming to Kaudulla one day, you can make your trip a successful trip by taking a 4-wheel vehicle.

If you are coming from Colombo, you can enter Kaudulla by passing Habarana on the Trincomalee road, at the square junction on the Galoya road, near the Galoya railway line. Also, if you are coming from the Polonnaruwa side, you can reach Kaudulla by taking the Minneriya Galambaya road near the number 45 pole.

A special thanks must be given to Mr. Anil Vithanage, Site Conservator, and Representative Park Custodian, for making our visit to Kaudulla a success and also You should definitely come and have got experience.

animals in kaudulla safari park
bird in forest
birds in kaudulla
bird cage
bird on the tree

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