Hiking Harman Point Sri Lanka 2022

Hiking Harman Point Sri Lanka

       We have received many things from the white people who conquered our country in the past. It is from the tea tree that britishmen made that day that we pluck more leaves and so we are still running on the railway system that the British made. So what you said are two things that britishmen introduced to our country. But there are many more things to say. We thought we should go to a different place today. Beautiful places are named after the white gentlemen who came to manage the estates along with the tea cultivation in many uplands.

If you want to build the tea plantations or railways that we mentioned, you need to have a surveyor to do the surveying. So we are getting the jobs in the survey department from white people. That means that the activities of that surveying department started on August 2nd, 1800. Today we are ready to go and find another beautiful location in Sri Lanka named after this surveyor.

As soon as many of you get a holiday, you either go to Nuwara Eliya or Badulla Bandarawela. But no matter where you go, there are so many beautiful places that we miss. We have been to Bandarawela countless times, but you will be surprised if you are told that there is a beautiful event about 3 km from Bandarawela city. But to find out places like this, you need to have some good connections. We also had such a good relationship, so we were able to find this place called Harmen Point.

Indaka Karunadasa is a tourism advisor in the Uva Provincial Council and a good friend of mine. One day we gave some books to the children of the difficult school called Kandeara where Indaka’s village is close. After the school work was over, I asked Indaka if there was a place to visit without leaving for a long time. There is Harmen Point nearby, let’s see it. Saying, Indaka stretched out his hand and pointed to a mountain range that was visible in front of the Kandeara school. We travelled about 700m along the road near Mahaulpatha temple and stopped the vehicle at the end of the road. We also thought that we would have to walk quite a distance to Harmen Point, which is about fifty meters from where the vehicle was stopped. No one can even imagine that there is such a beautiful place until they come here.

Even as we left, three small children from the village came and opened kites. The beauty of the environment here is not so important to them because they see hares every morning. By the time we reached Harmen Point, it was around 12.00 pm, but due to the strong wind, we did not feel any breeze. The first thing I did was observe distant things. Namunukula mountain can be seen in the distance, right? Yes, you can see Namunukula mountain, right? There are nine ridges, the big mountain in the middle is Namunukula mountain. This Namunuku mountain can be seen even towards Polonnaruwa on a clear day, but you have to be able to understand it.

It looks like a plain in the middle of Namunukula mountain. Therefore, he gave me an answer to the first question that I asked that he could catch it even from a distance so that I would not have to ask any more questions. Let’s imagine that we have arrived at Harmen Point and stopped, now we will start to talk about the things that can be seen from the right-hand side. The first thing we can see is the Namunukula mountain and then the Narangala mountain. When we pass from there, we remember the Pluckers hut that we visited one day. After that, you can see Kuolwala Asapuve Chaitya here beautifully, then Pidurutalagala mountain range, Haggala mountain, that Haggala mountain looks like a tooth in a hook, so there is a story that it got its name as Haggala mountain. From there, you can see Mount Kikiliyamana and the windmills in Abeywela, as well as Horton place, Idalgashinna, Haputale Mount and Diyathalave Naria Mount.

Now we can see Udaporuwa paddy field from below. But now we don’t get to see how it is cultivated there. That’s because the tunnel that goes under the ground of the Uma Oya project goes under the Oya. Now there is no water for drinking, and there is no water in the wells for drinking. This is a problem that needs to be discussed separately. Now that Kiridi Oya is flowing from this lower valley, but there is not even a drop of water in it. It is from the side of Mbaya Udaporowa Kuoruaya that the Badulla Colombo railway line has fallen to this Harmen Point and you can see two stations and one binge which are Heiloya and Kinigama stations.

In the meantime, Yayas’s camera has also captured some beautiful scenes of this beautiful event. You need to come here either in the morning or in the evening, Harmen Point is a place where you can see the sunrise and the sunset. But we also remind you that the sky must be a clear day to see all these things. I will finish it by telling you how it goes.

Let’s start from Bandarawela. From Bandarawela, on Badulla road, you will meet Tanthiriya Junction. From there, you should take Heiloyaya Road to Kinigama Mahavidyalaya Junction. From there, you need to make a four-way junction. Mahaulpatha Road will be a few kilometres further on that road. You will meet Mahaulpatha Temple. There is a road on the left side. 700 goes to Harmen Point itself. But saying these things and destroying the environment is not the case. Actually, we are talking about places like this, Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, we are not going to see it with your own eyes or to destroy these places, so you also have a responsibility, just like we said, go and see these places with your own eyes and protect the environment.

Harman Point
Harman Point
Aaround the view from top of the mountain
around the view from top of the mountain
view from Harman Point

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