Hike To Bopaththalawa Green Mountain

Hike To Bopaththalawa Green Mountain

      There are some places where you will not get bored even if you go not once but twice or thrice. You may remember that we went to Green Mountain in Bopaththalawa long time ago. But one day recently, we wanted to go again because its beauty is so beautiful. These three animal farms called Bopattalawa, Manik Palama and Diagama are together. Bopattalawa is the main place from where Manik Palama and Diagama farms are controlled.

Many of us have heard about the New Zealand farm in Abewela. So Abewela New Zealand Farm is a place that many people who go to Nuwara Eliya go to, because when you go there, you feel like you have gone to New Zealand. But many people think that they only have to go to Abewela New Zealand Farm to get such an experience. That’s why we thought it would be good if we write again about Bopaththalawa, which is near Nuwara Eliya.

Used as a two day trip. We visited Maskeliya the day before and stopped at Maskeliya. That’s why we started our journey from Maskeli.We started our journey from Maskeli at around seven in the morning, we came to Dik Oya through Nowood and from there we came to Agarapatana. It is 10 km to 12 km from Dik Oye to Agarapatana, but there is no shortage from Watawangu. Because of the narrow road and the bends in one place, you have to drive a vehicle very carefully. But the road is difficult but the environment is very beautiful. Anyway, here we come to Agarapatana. Agarapatana is a small town on the road from Lidula to Diagama. The road we came from Dik Oya was right in the middle of Agarapatana town. After passing Agarapatana town, we turned our vehicle to a road to the south. After traveling another three to four kilometers, we reached Bopaththalawa.

Bopaththalawa village is the only Sinhalese village among these estate villages and it was learned that there are more than 300 families here. The people of the village say that this village has existed since the time of the king. As soon as the village ends, the Bopaththalawa farm begins. As soon as we entered our vehicle through the gate, a security officer came and stopped us. Bopaththalawa, Manikpalama and Diagama all belong to the same person. This is a large farm of about 12000 acres, there are only about 1200 dairy cows, which means that it was previously controlled by the department and later it was given to Mandalay. On the way, we met an uncle from the village. He was going from Bopattala to Manikpama. He had to walk about 5 km to work in a fort, so we got into the vehicle. Those stories were told to us on the way.

Bopaththalawa sri lanka
visit sri lanka Bopaththalawa

Herds of around 50 to 60 elks come to this farm and eat the grass for the cows. That’s the one that has drawn the current wire. Anyway, we came to Manik Palama farm from story to story. The most beautiful part of this journey is in this part of Manik Bridge. From Manik bridge farm, we can continue for about 1 km by vehicle and we continued further along the road. Now it feels as if we are in a different country, that is, imagine that we are in New Zealand, such a beautiful environment can be seen all around us. On our right we can see Green mountain and on our left is Horton plain.

We are now traveling along the valley between the Green mountain and Horton plain mountain ranges. Due to the water flowing from both mountain ranges, this valley has been flooded with water for only 100 meters. The path leading from the foot of the left mountain range to Bhagwantala was newly cut for seven hundred meters, but the path was completely covered with grass like iluk. We split the grass and moved the vehicle forward, but at one point the road fell forward through a swamp. After switched gear for 4 wheel on vehicle, we crossed it without any difficulty, moved forward a few meters and stopped the vehicle. The road ends from here, so you have to walk up the mountain from here.

Along the footpath that the people of Bopaththalawa travel to Bhagwantalawa, we continued for about 500 meters and started climbing Green mountain from Kapolle where both mountain ranges come together. We can clearly see the city of Bhagwantalawa here. It became clear that there is a camping place at the starting point of the mountain climbing, because a few days ago a group of tourists had camped here.

There is no tree or leaf in the mountain range which shows a rough slope. It is completely rainfed from the Pathan area. On top of it, the footpath that has fallen on the hill adds a wonderful charming view, that’s why Yasas stopped to take some pictures on our way up. It is now around 10:30 in the morning and the sky is clear and the cloud clearing has not started yet, which brought us great comfort. We got the first break after a journey of about 15 minutes.

There are three places in this mountain range, where there are climbs, because there is a small plain in each place, you can take a short rest. Many people have camped in all those places. The journey started again and now the beauty is getting more and more. Now we can see a 360-degree view of Bagavantalawa on the left as well as Kehelgamu Oya valley. One can clearly see the event that Kehelgamu Oya starts from this green mountain.

We reached the top of the mountain after story after story. There is a 100-meter-long rock at the top of the mountain. But if the width of this peak is very less, if there are small ones here and there, in some places, it is like the back of a lizard in the great cliff.

Anyway, when we reached the top of the mountain, it was around 11.30 in the morning. It took us about an hour and a half to climb the mountain. The people of Bopattala call this mountain Kodgaha mountain. But many of our tourists call this mountain Green Mountain or Bopattalawa Mountain. We rested at the top of the hill for a while and started to observe the surrounding mountains.

Green mountain
Top of the Bopaththalawa Green Mountain
Green Mountain
Green Mountain

First, let’s start from Sri Pada Mountain and from there you can see some mountains like Saptakanya, Dolosbhage Kadutika, Pidurutalagala, Kikiliyamana, Greatweston, Hakgalakanda, Kirigalpotta, and Gavaravila Mountain. Also, you can clearly see the Maussakale Reservoir from here. It is special that you can see the Bhagwantalawa mountain that separates Horton plain and Samanala Reserve from this green hill.

From the side of Horton plain, there are clouds of snow that are bothering us, and they are bothering us when they come to such a place. It’s like we don’t like to explore the environment, that’s why we started going down. Green Mountain is a place where anyone born in Sri Lanka should come and go before they die. But it doesn’t matter if you come, don’t pollute the environment. We collected some pieces of polythene left by the visitors and brought them home because we want to keep Green Mountain clean.


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