Hike The Danigala Mountain (Alien Mountain) In Sri Lanka

Hike The Danigala Mountain (Alien Mountain) In Sri Lanka

           From time to time, different countries in the world are talking about extra-terrestrial life. Stories like this happen when an alien plane has either landed or seen strange light, so stories like yours lead to a lot of talk about extraterrestrial life at that time. But it is still a question of whether that part of extraterrestrial life really exists. So we cannot exclude such things at once. So, you may remember that in the past in our country, there was a discussion in the media that there were various revelations about alien planes near Polonnaruwa. Today we are ready to come and find that place. Even though it is called Polonnaruwa, from Polonnaruwa you have to go to Aralagangwila for another seven or eight km on the Maha Oya road. Here it is called Daanigala mountain.

Danigala was an opportunity for us to visit by chance. The other day, Nuwan Vanigasuriya Malli, who is in the Gautama Children’s organization, told me that he is going to hand over four houses that have been completed in the construction of fifty houses to the people living in Welikande. Some of our youth are using Facebook for anti-social activities. Gautama children are a group of young people connected by Facebook who comes together and helps the needy. So I got the opportunity to join this good work. When the work of handing over the houses in Welikande was finished, it was around one thirty in the evening. We liked Nuvan’s idea that we should go to Dhanigala in the afternoon. Since we are going in an unknown direction, Roshan Pushpa Kumara who was in Dehiattakandiya was called and told him to come to Dibulagala Junction. We will come from Welikande to Dibulagala Junction. At the Dibulagala junction, we put on Roshan and left immediately because we were sure that we would not be able to climb the Dhanigala mountain if we were late.

On the way, we had lunch at Aralaganwila town and after another seven or eight-kilometer journey, we were able to reach the Chanandaya Raja Maha Vihara at the foot of the Dhanigala mountain in Kandegama. When I saw the Dhanigala mountain after 3:30, I asked myself whether I can climb this mountain before it gets dark. Everyone who comes to climb the Dhanigala mountain has to come to this Chanandaya Rajmaha temple because the road leading to the top of the mountain has fallen behind the temple.

Chanandaya Rajmaha Temple
Chanandaya Rajmaha Temple

Roshan, our guide, went to the temple’s house and informed the monks that it is better to go to the mountain. Even though the big monk was not in the temple at that time, the small monk said that it would take at least three hours to go to the top of the mountain. Why then, go carefully before the big monk comes because if the big monk comes, he won’t be allowed to leave because it’s evening. Therefore, we started the journey with the idea of coming down whether we can reach the top of the mountain in one and a half hours. We have friends we meet wherever we go on trips, today a friend came to go with us. That’s the dog in the temple who came with us.

Ten and five minutes after the start of the journey, the organizer of the journey, Nuvan said I am so tired. Brother, it is difficult for me to come back with the three of you. The road that starts from the side of the pagoda goes straight to the foot of the rock, that’s why it is a bit difficult. We went to the foot of the rock after climbing through the thick trees. After having lunch, we started our journey again. From here, we walked parallel to the side of the rock for about 200 meters toward the west.

We washed our faces with small water falling from the top of the rock, thinking to reduce the travel fatigue a little. When we go a little further, there is a descent along the side of the rock, just like the beginning when we started climbing the mountain. On the way to the river, which must have gone down seven to eight hundred meters, we came across the 18 cubits reclining statue in the biggest cave with Dhanigala.

18 Cubits Reclining Statue
18 Cubits Reclining Statue

Unfortunately, treasure thieves have vandalized the statue from three sides, including its head, in search of treasures. It is so sad that our Buddhists are destroying such Buddhist heritages. Looking at the statue, it becomes clear that it has been reformed under several rulers. We started traveling again. Now the descent is over and from here you have to climb to the top of the mountain.

Danigala mountain is a circular shape. We started from the foot of the mountain, went around the mountain from the east side and now we have reached the west side. Our journey had to be interrupted several times because Nuvan had to rest. In any case, it is impossible to leave someone who came together on a trip like this. We reached the top of the rock at around 4:45. After quite a difficult journey, the dog did not leave us behind despite the difficulties. The top of the mountain is completely flat land.

Thinking that it would be good, we decided to use arrows on the stones everywhere we go from here, with the intention of finding the way back. Entering from the west, we walked along the rock in a northerly direction and reached the northern end of the Dhanigala rock. From there, we started walking along the edge of the rock to the eastern end, looking around. Again, the beauty of the climb is beyond words. From here you can see all the way to East Batticaloa, the lonely mountain ranges that are high in places create incredible beauty. The large lakes and small lakes located between them add a charming sight. Danigala can see the road running from Aralagangwila to Maha Oya as if it were a line. When looking at Danigala from the Google map, there is a view of a circle without trees planted around the stone, so we are going to sunbathe along the part where the trees are not planted.

Danigala Mountain Alien Mountain in Sri Lanka
Danigala Mountain (Alien Mountain) in Sri Lanka
Alien Mountain in Sri Lanka

There are no trees planted in the whole area of ​​fifty or sixty acres, there are small grasses. Also, you can see broken stones scattered everywhere in the circle where those trees are not planted. Even in the part inside the circle, even though there are no large branches, it is the Nelu trees that can be seen in abundance. Now we turned around and came to the east side, directly below us is where the temple is located. I was looking at the temple from below and I turned my eyes to the mountains in the distance.


When you come to Dhanigala, you can see Danagala mountain, Paburugala mountain, Hikkagala mountain, Weheragala mou tain, Henannegala mountain, Dimbulagala mountain, Sinhagala and even Teppigala. And also Piburatthewa Lake is seen on the left and N.J.K is seen on the right. The lake is named after Madurumbaya lake by the company that built this lake. Exactly at five o’clock, we left to climb down from the stone, somehow we were able to get down by 6:05 pm.

View from mountain

I came and went towards the temple to see if the big monk had come. I was told by the monks that we climbed the mountain in the evening, so we actually did a risky job. It was when I was talking with the leader that I found out that in the past no one used to come to this site. During the tiger riots, at least there were no houses like today. The temple didn’t even have the houses that it has now, the leader monk was living alone in the cave in the house of relics have today. The gentleman blasted two military vehicles on the road in front of this temple. At that time, there was neither the Mahaveli office nor the wildlife office, but now there are plenty of people who own this place.

Danigala is said to have been founded by king Kootakanna Tissa, in the 3rd century. According to the leader monk, on a day in May this year, has seen a big light shining on Danigala, but it is still a question as to what these lights are, and the god’s lights come to the shrine as well as the pagoda in the temple frequently.

Also, there are 07 water ponds in Danigala mountain and there are more than 60 caves and one cave has pictures carved in the stone, the leader monk said. So if you want to see all this, you have to spend a whole day. In any case, if you are coming to visit Danigala, it is best to come early in the morning. Recently, four monks of the temple have gone to Danigala and they have been missing so found by the army and police the next day.

In any case, if you are visiting Danigala, inform the temple and go up, and if you can provide some support for the future work of the temple, it would be a great blessing. At the same time, special thanks must also be given to the Sirasalankara leader of Mawanella, who is the leader of Chanandaya Raj Maha Vihara.


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