Gangewadiya – A Wonderful Place Where People Were Told To Enjoy Life

Gangewadiya – A Wonderful Place Where People Were Told To Enjoy Life

        Dambulu Oya, which starts from Naula mountains, and Talakiriagama Oya, which starts from Nikula mountain around Wemadilla Lake, joins Ibibankattuwa Lake. The Diyakana stream, which starts from the Oimaragolla mountains between Malsiripur and Galewela, falls into the Devahuva lake. After the Devahuva lake, the Diyakana stream flows into the Kala lake. After that, all the water flows out of the Kala Lake in the Kala Oya way. So this is how Kala Oya is created. Later this Kala Oya flows into Rajhangane Lake. After that, Wilpattu goes along the southern border and flows into the Puttalam Lagoon at Gangewadiya in Puttalam. So this is the description of Kala Oya.

Why are you talking about Kala Oya this once? We thought that today we should go to Gangewadi, which falls into the Kala Oya Lagoon. A bit of a strange name, isn’t it? But it was only later that we came to know that although the name is strange, the side is beautiful. So we left early in the morning to go to Puttalam with the aim of seeing the beauty of Kala Oya in Gangewadi. Wherever you come to Gangewadi, you have to come to Puttalam.

When we came to Puttalam, it was past 8.30 in the morning. Yasas and Samira, who are always involved in our journey, were comming to Puttalam when we arrived. Start from Puttalam and take road B 379 through Wilpattu forest till Mannar. But in the past, during the war, it was a lie. Today we are going on the Mannaram road mentioned here. After passing Puttalam and going a little further on the Mannaram road, the vehicle stopped on the side of the road because of a beautiful view.

The sight of salt sacks collected in a small salt pan being bring in the shoulder is a charming sight. We hurried a little because we have to go about another 40 km. Puttalam is a difficult area, even more difficult than Puttalam. It was clear when we reached Vanatavillu that Vanatavilluwa is. After passing Vanatavillua, we made a phone call to Sunimal Shanta, who is sitting in Gage Wadi, because we wanted to know the exact route. Sunil We are now passing Vanatavillua. Okay sir, go ahead for another 8 to 10 km. When you come there is a board called Eluwankulama. Pass it and go ahead for about 200 meters. There is Boralu road on the left. There is a board that says Gangewadiya. Go on that road for about 5 km. I am on the side of the road. Sunil told us exactly the way, so we were able to reach Gangewadi without any trouble. As we had already told Sunimal about the vehicles that we were coming, Sunimal who came from a distance extended his hand and welcomed us very warmly to Gangewadiya.

When we stopped the vehicles, we took out all the belongings that we had brought, because from here we have to go up another 2 km along Kala Oya. When I came to the wooden bridge to board the boat, I was looking at the river for a long time because of the strange beauty of Gangewadi. Actually, we are now at the southern edge of the Wilpattu forest, just a kilometer into the place where Kala Oya meets the sea.

gangewadiya village
boat ride in gange wadiya

Just like when the Mahaweli river falls into the sea, the river splits into several parts, Kala Oya also splits into three parts and falls into the Puttalam lagoon. Also, at Gangewadiya, Kala Oya joins another amazing stream, Uppu Aru. In Sinhala, this is called Salt Oya. When you look up from Gangewadiya, you can see the Y junction where Kala Oya joins Kala Oya about 200 meters above.

y junction

We also have to go up along the river to the Y junction and go along Kala Oya on the left. As Sunimal said, we will go first to see the place where Kala Oya falls into the lagoon. Together, a boat was prepared and a skilled boat driver was provided, even though he was not very old. Everyone boarded the boat to go to the estuary. After a journey of about five hundred meters, we landed on a sandbank at the mouth of the estuary to see the surrounding beauty.

Kala Oya Lagoon
Kala Oya Lagoon

It is said that the river falls into the Kala Oya Lagoon and is divided into three parts. You can see that view well here. You can see all the four islands of Kalpit, namely Ippantiv, Periya Arichchalai, Irumathiv and Sinna Arichchalai here. Camping is also possible on the mentioned islands, so you have to come on a separate day. After walking on the sandbars of the mouth of the estuary, we boarded the boat again. On the way to go up the Kala Oya, I got into a conversation with Sunimal with the intention of hearing some information about this side.

white sand island
gangewadiya sri lanka
visit sri lanka 2

There are about 50 families living here in Gangewadiya. All are done in the small scale fishing industry. The people who used to live in Eluvankulam have come and settled in this Gangewadya side because of the abundance of fish resources. In the 1930s, two families came first, then other families came. In the past, people who went to catch fish built a seat in a tree by the riverside, and when they asked where they were going, they said that they were going to Gangewadiya.

Even though we came to Gangewadi and experienced the beauty, the biggest problem for the people here is water. Because even if a well is cut, the water is still salty, so in order to drink, bathe, wash, etc., the people of the village go uphill along Kalaoya for about 2 km and bring water to the bullies. Drinking water should come once a week from a bouvsara and we buy it for money. Anyway, story after story, we turned left at the Y junction to go to Kala Oya.

Now our boat is going upstream along the Kala Oya, so it is going a little slowly because there is less buoyancy here. Also, there are tusks that have been brought from the river bank and they have to be sent to bera. About one kilometer from the mouth of the estuary, the entire area is covered with mangroves. We pulled up along the river, seeing the charm on both sides, our group made no noise. I asked, was you bored. they say that we are enjoying the environment.

Big kumbuk trees
Big kumbuk trees

Now we have reached more than one and a half km. Now you can see big kumbuk trees on both sides of the river and he is walking along the river. At every turn, a sandpit was created on one side and we could see the first group spending their vacation in the shade of Kumbuk trees on the side of the sandpit. When I went a little further, I saw that there were two young men catching fish on the river bank, but they were not experienced fishermen. When the boat got a little closer, I realized that they were two people who had come to catch fish for fun. When we reached the third bend, a group of people from three other boats were enjoying themselves. We went further with the idea of finding a suitable place for us. Right now the boat is moving at the same speed as we are walking because in some places the current is less than two knots.

Anyway, at the best place in the bend where we stopped, a group of people from Kalpitiya were playing kudaram. We also left the things we had brought by a bamboo tree and went down into the water. Because of the big kumbuk trees, there is no chance of weapons falling into the stream, so our people took a bath enough, some of them built sand castles.

camping in gangewadiya
camping side

Actually, if you go to Gagewadiya, you have to spend a night and come back, that’s the beauty of that journey. We also bid farewell to Gagewadiya with the intention of coming to Gagewadiya to spend the night again. Rajawella, Karatanawella, Komarikanwella and Dangaswella are the places where you can camp in Kalaoye. Also, even though this place belongs to the Wilpatuthu National Park, there is no interference in the wildlife.

Therefore, what should be done is to protect the environment by intervening with wildlife and giving tourists the opportunity to visit. Also, it is difficult to visit Gangewadiya at once and contact someone in advance. If that happens, he will be able to find a boat and do this trip. Mr. Sunimal Shanta of Gangewadiya helped us, his phone number is 0712241251. 0765782350 So if you call him, he will help you to visit Gangewadiya.



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