Bambaragala Pathana – The Wonderful Journey Created By The Sweet Healing

Bambaragala Pathana - The Wonderful Journey Created By The Sweet Healing

        Sri Lanka is a country that is at the top in terms of topography and biodiversity. When it comes to the topography of our country, everyone knows that the topography of our country can be clearly seen in three parts namely the coastal plains, the interior plains and the central mountains. One who observes well about this central mountain can clearly see the places where the central mountains and these interior plains separate.

The mountain range from Haputale to Madolsima separates the central highlands from the interior plains. What we see in this mountain range is a gap that suddenly rises from the plain below. So along with this Lipton seat located in the gap from Haputale to Madolseem. Pilkington Point with Poonagala, Ella Gap, Madolseema small world end and Bambaragala Pathan can also be pointed out. So today we are getting ready to take you to Bambaragala Pathana, another most beautiful place in Sri Lanka.

We left for the journey from Kurunegala to Kandy and from there we reached Badulla via Kandaketiya along Rajamawata. From Badulla, we stopped at the little man’s bungalow located at the top of the Spring Valley estate, with the intention of going to Bambaragala early the next morning. The month of rain has started these days. If it rained on the two days we came, we didn’t have any trouble, that means both days were good.

little man's bungalow
little Man's Bungalow

After spending the night in the estate bungalow, we woke up early in the morning with the intention of going to Bambaragala Pathana. Even then, little clouds were moving towards the top of Namunukula mountain from the eastern side. Kasun Pallamulla Assistant Plantation Superintendent is the guide for us on this journey today, so he started walking in front of our vehicle to show us the way. There are two roads to go to Bambaragala Pathana, one is to come from Passara and come towards Ella from Passara, or from Ella to Pasara. So today we are going to travel by a slightly different route because we spent the night at Spring valley Estate, so we have to go to Bambaragala Pathana along this plantation road which has fallen through Spring valley Estate to Kanawarella.

We passed the Spring Valley Tea Factory and continued up the ridge. By this time, we had climbed almost half of Namunukula mountain. Finally, on our left we can see the Namunukula mountain range. After another kilometer of travel, we reached the highest point on this road. This is called Tower junction because it is from here that you go to the towers located in the Namunukula hill.

Also, the wind coming from the eastern side of a windbreak here blows to the west through this windbreak. Brother, Bambaragala Pathana is visible in the distance, Kasun said and pointed to Bambaragala Pathana. Yayas’s camera was soon activated to record the beautiful scene in the camera lens even though suddenly a cloud of fog broke. Looking at it, it seems that there is another seven or eight kilometres to go downhill to Bambaragala, so we started our journey again.

This wind has shifted to the eastern side which means that we are now in Kanwarella Estate. That means we have now joined Kanwarella Estate in Spring Valley Estate. We reached Namunukula after another 5 km journey on the winding road along the Kanawarella Estate. That means, after turning towards Passara-Ella road, we will come to Passara again for one and a half km, we will meet Clubi junction. Here is the junction that turns to Bambaragala. From this Clubi junction, there is another 2 km to reach Bambaragala Pathana. We travelled from Clubi Junction towards the village of Vave Kale with the intention of going to Pathana. This road is a bit narrow and the slope is steep, so we had to work hard to make way for two or three vehicles that had gone down.

After another one and a half km journey, we reached Hena junction in the mountain. If you want to turn left from here to Pathana, it is easy to find and the village officer’s office is located here. We continued along the Hena road of the mountain and passed Sumangalarama temple. We saw signs in front of some houses that said parking lots. It was also seen that several cars were stopped at those places. In fact, it is difficult to reach the top of Bambaragala Pathana 4 wheel vehicale by any other vehicle except for a vehicle, so the best thing is to park the vehicle in a parking lot and walk.

Arrivel without permission is a punishable offence and This is a land owned by the Forest Conservation Department. Stopped the vehicle and looked around a bit because of a sign that said. At the right time, a young man from the village was nearby, so when I asked him for information, it was revealed that there was no problem. Therefore, we entered the land belonging to the forest conservation department.

From here it is about 500 meters uphill. Moving forward on the road through the forest plantation, we stopped at several places because of the charming view of the forest here. It was all recorded in Yasas’ camera lens. Due to the vehicles moving up the hill, some parts of the road were damaged, so it was a little difficult to move up this 500 meter section.

Anyway, we brought the vehicle to the top of Pathana. Actually, this Babaragala Pathana has a strange charm to match that scene, we have not found any other place in Sri Lanka. The main thing to increase the beauty here is because of the little forest left on the top of the unorganized mountain.

The land where Bambaragala Pathana is located is spread over ten acres. Forestry has started here in the 1980s. At the top of this fall, there was a military camp during the Second World War, the remains of which can still be seen today. A telescope was installed in this military camp to monitor the sea screen because to monitor whether the enemy forces are entering the country from the sea. In fact, if you look directly east from here, you can observe the sea from Batticaloa to Hambantota on a clear day. Also, from the Namunukula mountain, you can clearly see places like Madolsima, Moneragala mountain range, Galambaya, Buttala Wellawaya. Similarly, the rice paddies of Bibilegama and Atpattia villages can be seen at the bottom. Because there is a view of more than 240 degrees here, you can see a large area of Sri Lanka.

That Similarly, the borders of Passara and Badalkumbura area secretariat divisions as well as Monaragala Badulla district boundaries are separated in the middle of this Bambaragala Pathan area.

Uva province is a province where there are many places of tourist attraction, but even though attention has been paid to places like Haputale Falls, the authorities have not paid attention to this Babaragala waterfall. Although it is a land belonging to the forest conservation department, this place has become a beautiful place that has won the hearts of tourists. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the relevant institutions to regulate this place and bring foreign exchange to our country from this beautiful place.

Beautiful sri lanka
Bambaragala balley
Bambaragala Pathana
Travel in Bambaragala Pathana
Bambaragala Pathana

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